Myofibril - what is it?

Myofibril - what is it?
Myofibril is the contractile elements of muscle fiber. The more specific muscle fiber, the greater the force of contraction is able to show the fiber.
Each muscle fiber consists of myofibrils. A specific person is given a certain number of muscle fibers, each of which contains a certain number of myofibrils.
To be clear, what is myofibrilla. It can be compared to a rubber rope inside a ordinary gum. If the flagellum is myofibrilla, then the more flagella, the thicker will be very elastic, and the more it will shrink from the stretched position.
Similarly, in the muscle fiber. The more inside the myofibrils, the stronger and faster will be the reduction. Roughly speaking, the greater the weight and greater speed can be developed.
Given the nature of the number of myofibrils can be increased. In theory – almost to infinity. In practice, there are certain limits associated with hormonal activity of the body, proper workout and sufficient nutrition.
In order to increase the number of myofibrils, must be subjected to a specific muscle fiber load. If they followed 4 basic principles necessary for growth of muscles, then the number of myofibrils in muscle fibers will gradually increase.

The growth in the number of myofibrils, muscle fibers will begin to increase in size. And since he trains at the same time a large number of muscle fibers, it will grow and the total diameter of exercising muscle.
If you stop to train specific muscle fibers, then literally a month and a half of excess myofibrils begin to die. Without exercise, the number of myofibrils quickly returns to its natural level.
The growth of myofibrils is a long process. To accelerate the natural growth of myofibrils capable of the forbidden hormonal preparations, primarily testosterone and growth hormone.
The increase in the number of myofibrils especially affects the development of strength. On the local endurance of muscle groups has almost no effect.
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