Workout after the holidays

Workout after the holidays
In our life, an inevitable phenomenon called holidays regularly occurs. Of course, in addition to the positive impact – meetings with friends, emotional charging – holidays make us feel remorse, mainly because of the abundant food during the holidays. Our conscience makes us feel ashamed that we show weakness and start to eat all the Goodies in a row, and even in most cases in unlimited quantities.
Are you already terribly ashamed?

No one disputes that the most pleasant holiday is a break from the usual things, the opportunity to just lie on the couch, away from the problems of everyday life. Well, once the daily duties are canceled, then the training with diets is canceled. Well, who can stick to a diet while sitting at the holiday table? And after the holiday feast, what kind of training?
New year's holidays are especially dangerous in this regard. New year, Christmas, Old new year for a long time "save" us from fitness training and diets. Before you know it, it's been half a month since you stopped classes. The time of corporate parties, home-made Goodies and restaurant cooking knocks us out of the usual rut, which is often much more difficult to return to than imagined.

Telling yourself that "today is the last day" and this piece is "the last piece" is probably familiar to everyone. In other words, the motivation during the holidays is sleeping the sweet sleep. Well, to Wake up this most "festive" motivation, you still need to try. Everyone has a desire to start all over again, not to shirk from performing exercises, regularly visit a fitness club or work out at home. But what is it?

This situation is only because of us. No one else is to blame for this. We give ourselves a break, postpone the start of training until tomorrow, next Monday, and thus relax ourselves and our willpower.

To smoothly, without excessive stress for the body to get out of the festive mood and return to the usual schedule of days, you need to adhere to several principles.

Don't start torturing yourself with different diets
or, even more so, hunger strikes. The holidays are not over yet, And you will always be tempted to break the rules. Needless to say, it is very difficult to follow a diet when everyone around you is eating what they want. So do not experiment with your conscience, which is sure to begin to torment You if You violate something. It will be much more effective to gradually leave the holidays. In addition, remember all the promises You made to your body and start slowly adapting yourself to new activities.

It would be nice to make a training plan for yourself.
At the same time, keep in mind that for at least two weeks You did not exercise, but effectively accumulated extra calories. So you need to part with them gradually, without forcing your body with excessive loads, discouraging any desire to engage. Naturally, over the holidays, Your waist and some other parts of the body have increased in volume, so to drive fat – this is your main task.

So the third principle of returning to normal life should be cardio training.
Cardio training will not only help you lose extra pounds faster, but also prepare your muscles for further training.

In addition, do not neglect strength training. Strength training, 2-3 times a week will be sufficient to "correct" the figure after the holidays.
Legs workout
Happy New Year 2016!

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