Deep squats or not?

Deep squats or not?
And again about physical exercise of all times and peoples. It is made by both men and women. True, the latter are less willing, but the former persuade them, giving hundreds of promises. To the question whether to do this or not, the answer is an unequivocal "Yes". The main thing is to choose a technique that would satisfy all requests.

There are many alternative types of squats: squats with weight in front of the chest, squats on a chair, squats in Smith's car, etc. These are exercises that will help those whose individual characteristics do not allow you to perform a classic squat. However, most still work in the classics, so disputes remain only because of the depth of the Seda.

Those who squat in a quarter of the amplitude, usually ridiculed, believing that they are just showing off, taking more weight. But also about what the full amplitude is, they also argue: to the parallel with the floor or the booty in this very floor. Who's right? Everything!

The optimal depth of squats is selected based on several factors:
Influence on power growth,
Effect on muscle growth,
The specificity of the sport,
The security of Seda.
Squat depth and strength development
Different depth of movement changes the stress experienced by the muscles. The larger it is, the stronger the tension, the better the power qualities develop.

There is an exception: people who do not have particularly developed flexibility, those whose hips are too "hard". Squatting deeply, they stretch the muscles, and they tend to contract again due to their inelasticity. Thus, the work is easier, you do not need such a strong tension of the quadriceps to rise. But there is a high probability of injury. But if you do not sit down, the quadriceps will have to take on all the load on the rise from the saddle. But in this case, it will not get to the glutes.

Squat depth and muscle hypertrophy
Using different depth of squats, you can concentrate the load on individual muscles, working them better.

With deep squats, most of the load is on the glutes and the medial head of the quadriceps. If you want an expressive "drop" above the knee, "pop to the floor" is your choice.

The reduced amplitude has an advantage for the overall development of the quadriceps. The work is defined as the product of the mass over the distance traveled. With deep squats with less weight, you will do exactly the same job as with shallow squats with more weight. Only all of it will be accounted for by the quadriceps, and not shared with other muscle groups.

Depth of squats in various sports
Here everything is simple: weightlifters Crouch to the floor, lifters to the parallel.

Safe seat depth
The main limitation of the safe seat depth is the ability to maintain a neutral position of the lumbar spine throughout the entire movement. Rounding it is fraught with injuries.
Many are afraid to squat deep because of the damage to the knee joint. However, what is the harm? The anterior cruciate ligament gets an excessively large load only if you squat down. When you remain standing on your full foot in the squat, the load on it is reduced due to the fact that the biceps of the hip are stretched. But at the often recommended angle of 90 degrees, such stretching does not occur, the ligament experiences more tension.

The danger of a deep squat is due to the fact that at the lower point there is a dangerous pressure on the meniscus. But it is not so great if you do not linger at the bottom. Also at a disadvantage are those who have too thin legs – before sitting in a deep saddle, it is better to build up some meat.

I don't think I need to remind you that at full amplitude, the operating weight is always lower.

Still, how deep should I squat?
From almost all points of view, deep squats are more effective. It is worth reducing the amplitude if
You have stiff thighs, and the lack of stretching takes some of the load away.
You are an Elevator operator and you need to lift the maximum weight.
You need to focus on pumping your quadriceps.
Your knees hurt
In other cases, when you want to "King Ass" your choice is a booty to the floor, not to the parallel.
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