The leg press or gakk-squats?

The leg press or gakk-squats?
In bodybuilding there are two effective exercises, sighting and loading the quads is gakk-squats and leg press in the simulator. Thus, answering the question of which of these exercises will be most effective, we will face a divergence of opinion – some athletes will argue that Sakr-squats are better, others that there is nothing better than leg press, and others use both of these exercises within a single workout. Who is right? Let's face it.

The leg press and gakk-squats on one workout

Let's start with the fact that the leg press and gakk-squats belong to the classic basic exercises to train the quadriceps. Powered by virtually the same movement, there is no sense to perform both exercises in one workout. Especially doing them in the same mode – for example, in the power of high-intensity. Optimal, in this case, would be to use some of the same exercises and 1-2 isolation exercises for quadriceps.


Gakk-squats are basic exercises to train the quads. As in the leg press, it is possible to change the position of the feet, changing the emphasis of the load on the inner or outer thigh area. But Sakr-squats in the simulator can be very harmful exercise for the knee. This danger is due to the specifics of the simulator and an unnatural position of the knee joint. So if you don't know how to do it correctly, it is recommended to completely eliminate Gakk-squats from their training. But with proper technology, focused burden will fall directly on the quadriceps. You can shift the focus on outer or inner honor of the quadriceps. It is also possible to shift the load on the top or bottom of the quadricep. If you want to give a good shape to the hips, without this activity can not do. But do not forget that if performed improperly Gakk-squats you can injure the knee joint.

The leg press

This exercise is ideal for precise loading of the quads. Changing the position of the feet (up and down), it is possible to shift the load from the quadriceps muscles on the back of the thigh, and on inner and outer thigh muscles (wide or narrow setting a stop). However, the main advantage of the presses with the feet is the removal of the load from the back that allows the use of larger working weight even with weak back muscles without putting her in danger. This exercise is optimal – both from the point of view of security and efficiency.


As you can see, do not have to do these exercises for one workout, but they are not interchangeable.
Moreover, these two exercises are basic, though having basically the same movement, will complement each other. Loading your hips at different angles, forming the optimal shape and volume, you cannot do without a leg press and gakk-squats.
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