Fitness for those who have chronic diseases

Fitness for those who have chronic diseases
In this article you can find useful information to those who do not dare to go to the gym because it is very healthy. This article are tips that may be useful for those who have observed some chronic ailments.

If a person is pursuing frequent headaches, most likely have a hereditary ailment. What can you recommend in this case? Try to use the facilities at the fitness room in order to relax. It is necessary to choose exercises from yoga or unobtrusive types of aerobics. Have to perform cardio before the main program. For lesson, you can recommend the stationary bike.

Seizures can occur if you actively jump or run. During such trainers, you have to listen to your health. If you have pain, then exercise it is better to suspend. Also, you should workout to do not too long to avoid fatigue.


If you have a disease, the approach to sports should be gradual. The breath is the most important aspect on which we must focus in the first place. First you have to learn to control the breath.

You should start fitness classes, for example, the Chinese gymnastics. Only a few months you can think about how to move on to more complex exercises.

Of course, the best way is to choose yoga. Good aerobics gymnastics balls. It is not necessary to do aerobics, which is a complex exercise and provides quick changes in body position, jumps or serious weight training.

Will not fit classes in the pool (to clean if chlorine is used).


People who have low blood pressure, it is necessary to ensure that the blood sugar levels were normal. The fact that hypotensive with enhanced exercise sugar levels very quickly reduced. Then there is a weakness. Sometimes inexperienced athletes even lose consciousness. To feel good during a workout, it is necessary to eat an hour before going to the club. If all the same weakness came, you quickly have to eat something sweet.

A set of exercises should begin with a warm-up to start more intensive work of the cardiovascular system. Shown hypotensive the spinning, because when performing exercises, the head is bent forward. In this position of the body, the pressure increases.

Between loads it is necessary to take breaks of ten or fifteen minutes.

If the pressure is high, the exercises should not involve sudden movements, as they can cause dizziness.


All exercises should be performed without haste. Warm-up will serve to slow walking for half an hour. Not to overdo it with power complexes. But stretching exercises or yoga are ideal.

Prohibited strength exercises in the standing and lying down. Squats or low slopes to do is not worth it.

With so many ailments you can choose the right set of exercises. In the fitness clubs today presented various training programs. Of course, it is necessary to additionally speak with the doctor and find out exactly what kind of stress is absolutely not acceptable. And then to assume that you can perform.
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