20 tips for newbies in fitness

20 tips for newbies in fitness
Fitness is a great way to follow the figure, and just to strengthen health. They can do everything without exception, whether it's adult or elderly, man or woman.

But where to start and how not to throw it all in the first days?Get a good night's sleep

A night's rest should never be neglected. Go to bed early, do not look at the screens before going to bed, and you will get a good sleep. In addition, the correct sleep mode has a beneficial effect on health and figure.

Have a proper Breakfast

Morning is the most important time for eating. Healthy food in the morning will charge you with energy and good mood, helping to spend fat. Eat immediately after lifting to start your metabolism.

Move more often

Being active is important not only during training. Life without movement leads to excess weight, spoils posture and is the cause of many diseases. To avoid this, it is enough to get up and move at least 5 minutes every 1-2 hours.

Drink more water

Water can serve not only as a way to wet a dry throat after a workout, but can also be another way to normalize your figure and health. Always carry a bottle full of good water.

Keep a diary.

Record all information about training and nutrition there. Describe what you did in training and what you ate. How does today differ from tomorrow, and what changes have you made? Fix it and draw conclusions.

Don't pay attention to the weight.

Kilograms are not the most effective and important indicator. After all, the weight fluctuates during the day for a variety of reasons. To track your progress, use a mirror and a centimeter (a soft ruler that tailors use).

Don't do it alone.

Joint classes will not let you just skip classes, as well as raise your mood and contribute to success.

Practice a little

Regular, even short, loads will help to improve your health and figure. Beginners are recommended to perform a couple of exercises a day for 5 minutes, gradually increasing the load to 30 minutes over the course of a month.

Don't study in the gym alone

Remember, training should not only improve your health, but also bring joy. Train in nature, train with different people and communicate. This approach will be useful not only for the body, but also for the soul.

Enter changes

Classes in the same program will eventually cease to be useful and lead to stagnation. To avoid this, make changes to your training. Swap the exercises, do them faster or slower. Use your imagination!

Exercise carefully.

Learn about the risks in techniques and individual exercises. In fitness, a variety of trends can appear, which can be fraught. Do not take risks and do not put experiments on yourself. Practice using proven techniques.

Not overdo

You can overdo anything, including fitness. Listen to yourself and don't overexert yourself. Always let your muscles rest after a workout.

Be prepared for UPS and downs

Do not despair if your training does not bring the desired result. Just keep going forward, doing everything right, and you will definitely achieve new achievements.

Take part in challenges.

This newfangled word, which has become familiar, can help you perfectly. If this challenge will help you in training and is not dangerous, then feel free to take it. Participation in mass actions will help with discipline and motivation.

Find a mentor

A knowledgeable person will always help you. He will be aware of all trends and what can and cannot be done.

His experience will be passed on to you over time, which will bring you closer to the desired result. And who knows, maybe you will also become someone's teacher in the future.
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