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10 unexpected foods that can interfere with weight loss.

It would seem that you poured out soda and threw away chips, parted with gatherings with junk food in front of the TV in the evenings. So why did the scale get up on the scales?

Everything can be more complicated than it seems, so you need to be more attentive to 10 unexpected foods that can interfere with weight loss.Low-fat peanut paste

"When one ingredient is removed from a product, another is usually added to compensate for the loss of taste" - one of the basic rules for the production of food with additives.

For this reason, the list of ingredients in such products can be twice as long as in natural. And yet, the number of calories does not change much, but at the same time, you get a lot more sugar and sodium. Therefore, we advise you to choose natural peanut paste or even make it yourself, and just learn how to use it correctly, because it brings great benefits.

Gluten-free cookies

They are not so low in calories, compared to ordinary cookies.

Also, people have a tendency to abuse some product, thinking that it is absolutely harmless. Perhaps it is really possible to do this with some food, but "something fat-free" or allegedly devoid of any "harmful" ingredient, according to all other criteria, is not only not inferior to the usual product, but may even be more harmful. Therefore, the bottom line is that gluten-free cookies are not much different from the usual ones, and if you also abuse them, you will definitely not lose weight, but only stop your path to weight loss.

Low-fat salad dressing

The same thing – the number of calories has practically not decreased. And, in the same way, you might think that if the product is fat-free, then you can add more of it. That's why you will stop losing weight.

It is best to fill salads with natural olive oil, which will not only reduce calories, but also add nutrients.

Turkey bacon

Sounds a lot more useful, doesn't it? This bacon really has less fat and calories, but each slice contains more than 180 mg of sodium.

The problem is that turkey bacon is included in the category of processed meat, which means that it contains a lot of salt and other food additives that can also bring potential harm to health.

That is why, with proper nutrition, it is not recommended to eat processed meat such as sausages, bacon, hot dogs and burgers, even if they are declared as particularly useful.

Ready-made salads

Salads are a great idea, but the question arises: what is it made of?

Most ready-made salads are overloaded with calories due to fatty cheese, buttery croutons and, of course, because of very fatty dressings. Thus, your "healthy" dinner of ready-made salad can be more calorific than three medium milk chocolate bars.

It is better to prepare a healthy salad yourself from those ingredients that you are sure of.

Nectars and juice drinks

The word "drink from ..." or another name, such as nectar, is a signal that in fact such a drink contains only part of the juice.

Before buying, it is worth checking the manufacturer, the list of ingredients, additives, the amount of sugar and calories. Also, the best juice is 100%, which is exactly what you need to look for on the shelves. And even better - buy a juicer and delight yourself with freshly squeezed juice in the morning.

Ready-made smoothies

One bottle of a ready-made smoothie can have 600-1000 calories. And, again, a lot of sugar!

Sports drinks

Do not rush to throw out the purchased isotonics! Because if you really sweat a lot in the gym, then you definitely need to replenish the electrolyte balance and sports drinks would be the best option, but if you lazily pedaled an exercise bike while reading a news feed, you barely burned 125 calories, which you will immediately consume back through a sports drink.

Iced tea in bottles

Tea is rich in antioxidants, but buying a chilled version in the store, you get a lot of sugar. It is much better to make tea at home and cool it yourself. This way you will save 100-200 calories.

Non-stick Cooking spray

Maybe it's not that much of a calorie saver. If you sprinkle them for 1 second, it will cost you 6 calories. However, who splashes for just one second?

It is much better to replace it with a small amount of olive oil. It has more calories, but at the same time you will get heart-healthy polyphenols and a special flavor accent, so you may even eat less food.
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